22 maart 2017

Sharing: Sleepless Nights

I don’t think I have ever been an ‘early sleeper. Quite frankly I consider myself a night owl. I was never the ‘get home and do homework before dinner’- type. I usually started around 10 pm. Doing my readings, writing essays and studying for exams in college? The same story. However, instead of starting late in the evening I would stay up at night until at least 2 am.

Although I used to be able to function perfectly fine during the day, and when the opportunity presented itself a good old fashion nap during the day aided my weird routine, I’m not so sure that is still the case.

One of my ongoing goals is working towards a healthier rhythm or bedtime routine if you will. But getting rid of old habits is never easy, is it? However, I have periods where I really try.

But usually, I get tempted by all those amazing things that are very titillating for a… I want to say nerd/ fangirl. At the end of the day, after the important to do’s, and like I mentioned before it is not uncommon that I take care of some of them after midnight, I need that ‘me’-time in which I can feed my addiction: diving into the amazing stories on my kindle, binge-watching a series on Netflix or some nights I just get lost in this thing called YouTube.

And even though I’m slightly exaggerating by speaking of an addiction, the way I spend my nights, clearly not for sleeping or sleeping as much as I should, is taking its toll. The solution? I guess once more I will challenge myself to be in bed before midnight and shut off all electronic devices off, soon after. By the way, while writing down this challenge I’m already thinking: In bed before midnight… the horror. But yeah, a reset is seriously needed.