31 mei 2017


A healthy lifestyle, clean living, and eating, for the past years this has been a trend. More and more people join this movement. Whether it is eating pure or implementing power foods in one’s diet, or better yet both this is a trend I am here for! Because I suffer from allergies I can’t always eat or use what I would like but I do have my go-to power goods!

This week I will share a couple of the healthy rituals and power foods I use with you.


Chlorella is a one-cell algae. Personally, I use the powder version, which is forest green. I either drink it with water, put it in a smoothie, sprinkle it over my yogurt or mix it through my salads. I won’t say anything about what the best way is to digest it, but I will mention some of its benefits. Some of the benefits are [1]:

  • Chlorella works as an antioxidant, because of the vitamins A and C in it;
  • Chlorella removes heavy metals from your body. This supposedly also goes for radiation and chemotherapy, so cancer patients might benefit from it. Obviously, they need to discuss it with their doctors to be sure it will actually benefit their road back to health;
  • Chlorella benefits the immune system;
  • And chlorella can help a girl that suffers from PMS out (awesome, right?)

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a versatile miracle worker. I drink it daily mixed with water (just two tablespoons). Tip: drink it with a straw if you value a white smile. Apple cider vinegar works as an antibacterial. And apple cider has been known to assist when one is trying to lose weight. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a beautifying product, namely as a toner or to clean your hair thoroughly. Another disclaimer, the smell, and the taste are not the best and they take some getting used to.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can obviously be used for cooking, but there are so much more ways you can use it to benefit your body. Ever heard of oil pulling. It is an Ayurvedan ritual, where you swish oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. For it to work you can only do it if you haven’t digested anything for 3 hours. During this process, many of the bad bacteria’s in your mouth and throat will stick to the oil. After the 20 minutes spit it out in the toilet. It is advised to not spit it out in a place where you would not want a lot of bacteria’s to end up, like the sink where you brush your teeth. Some benefits are [2]:

  • A good mouth climate. Cleaner and whiter teeth and better breath;
  • Clear skin;
  • More energy.

Coconut oil can also benefit your hair, as a curly haired girl it works wonders for me.

Green Tea

As a tea, green tea has a relaxing quality. It is also known for its fat burning abilities. It is supposed to work wonders for your metabolism. Green tea also works as an antioxidant, which means your immune system and skin will benefit from it as well. [3]