12 juli 2017

One of my faves: PopSockets


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From what I understand, sharing is caring and we do care about our readers. So, this week I will share one of my favorite accessories with you. Most of us are as good as attached to our phones and we tend to accessorize our phones. Personally, I have a cover, mostly for protection, but I care about style as well. Functionality + style, an ideal combo!

Without further ado, my new favorite accessory is the PopSocket! It is basically a round piece that you can attach to your phone or phone cover that expands and attributes to a better user experience of your phone. It provides you with better grip, for example, while texting or when you take your selfies. It can be used as a stand and when you attach two you can create a construction to store your headphones by wrapping them around the two PopSockets.

I feel I should mention that this is not a sponsored blog post, none of our posts are. However, I found them through some of my favorite US vloggers, as they use these brilliant accessories. I fell in love with the concept and purchased one.  I am HOOKED!

The PopSocket is super handy, especially because most smartphones are quite big and depending on your phone or cover the grip is not always ideal. One of the reasons I am a fan might be that I am such a clumsy person that I drop my phone quite often throughout the day (also on my face when I am lying in bed).

Like I mentioned before, in addition to functionality I value style as well and the PopSocket adds a lot to the look of my phone. PopSockets offers a lot of styles, that should make people with different styles and preferences pretty happy! So, go check them out!