14 juni 2017

My summer wishlist

If you’ve looked or been outside these days, just forget about the stormy intervals, you know that summer is near or basically here (sorry I felt like rhyming). Besides the lovely weather and long days, my fashion-loving self is itching to work on my summer wardrobe or at least peruse the internet and make wishlists.

So, this Wednesday I’ll share my favorite summer trends and items with all of you! For info on where to get the items, just click on the images!


So, remember when teenie tiny bikinis were hot? Not this summer. Whether you are going with a classic bathing suit or one with a twist, you will be on trend! Personally, I like a bikini just fine, but with a little more cover up and a little fewer strings I feel way better, seeing how I can do whatever I want on the beach or in a pool without having to worry about a swimwear malfunction! Check below for my faves!


Growing up with a mom that loves basic, understated, classy, but more importantly decent pieces I’ve grown to love basics. Timeless, durable, fits with everything and anything…what is not to love. I think my mom has the brain of a stylist. Things she believes a girl always needs:

  • A nice pair of black pants
  • A white blouse (basic or with ruffles, whatever you’re into)
  • A denim jacket
  • Nice fitting jeans (well, duh!)
  • A little black dress

For this summer I already scored an off-shoulder white blouse, but I’m still looking for a classy pair of black pants. As far as basics go ‘bodies’ are also kind of hot, so I’m keeping my eyes open for a couple of awesome ones!

Show those legs: Dresses & Skirts

With the nice temperatures, most of us plan to show some like, I’m assuming. Fun and flirty is what I’m usually going for. I still am, but this year I’m mostly in love with classic, vintage-looking pieces in mostly quiet colors. Is that a thing? Anyway think, navy, white, black, beige… Oh, did I mention that I am in LOVE with the off-shoulder trend?


I have been a fan of rompers (for GIRLS, I feel the need to stress this) since… I think my final year of high school, almost ten years ago (I feel pretty old now), and I’m so happy that it’s still in fashion. Moreover, I feel that every summer there are even more awesome romper styles out there. So, this year I’m definitely after ‘the one’!

Fun at the beach/ pool