25 oktober 2017


(Photo by Fabian Oelkers on Unsplash)

I adore cats! I get beyond excited when I see a cat, am in the position to pet a cat, and when I can cuddle with one, I’m in heaven. Due to allergies, I’m not a cat owner (yet… some breeds are hypoallergenic.). So until then, I have to make due with cat videos and the cuties my friends own. Recently, a friend shared with me something so awesome I needed to share it with you guys: The Lykoi!


Lykoi cats are also called werewolf cats. They don’t have an undercoat and have similar physical characteristics to sphinxes. At times this breed can be completely bald. When they do have fur it is similar to that of an opossum. Their faces lack hair for the most part, which gives them that werewolf look. The Lykoi isn’t a designer breed, meaning that this breed came to be through a natural mutation, namely that of a domestic shorthair cat.

Cat X Dog

The Lykoi is said to have a sweet personality. They’re known for their loyalty and dog-like behavior. So if you buy or adopt a Lykoi you can expect a social, affectionate, and intelligent addition to your family!

For pictures and more (and reliable) information check out:

A Lykoi in my home?

Like I stated earlier I’m allergic to cats. Usually, it will bother me after I interact with them in closely over a longer period of time. Lykoi are not among the breeds that are known to be hypoallergenic, so there is a big chance that I may never have a werewolf cat of my own, although I sure am a fan!

The Lykoi, are you a fan?