15 februari 2017

I Think We Should Take A Break

So, yesterday was Valentine’s day, a day to celebrate love. Depending on your view on things it can also be seen as a commercial joke. Either way, it is a day that will at least make you think about love and relationships, romantic or otherwise.

So, in tribute to this holiday a lot of people ‘celebrated’ yesterday I will share with you a love story, or rather a love- hate story. It is described in an ‘I think a breakup is in order’ – letter I wrote.

So here it is…

Dear (of course I’m not going to fill this in),

Let me start by saying that I love you and I always will. You have been by my side for as long as I can remember. A part of me honestly believes you were made for me. However, this thing we have is not really working, is it? A relationship takes work, I know that, but our relationship is wearing me out.

Since day one I believed in you and your dreams, I supported you, in different ways. I gave you my time. I have supported you financially. All those times I bought you expensive things because I believed it would make you happy. Hell, not only me. My family believed in you, believed in us and did whatever they could to help you and I succeed. And that is still the case, isn’t it?

Recent events got me thinking about if you are worth it. We have had some amazing times. And during those periods you made me feel like I am on top of the world, you made me feel beautiful. And then there were times, kind of like right now, where you made me feel unattractive. Those days where because of your behavior my day ends in a complete fiasco because I can’t get my head straight.

So, I have been thinking, even though chances are that tomorrow I might think differently, maybe we should take a break. So, my dearest ‘CURLS’, sweet CURLY HAIR of mine, I need you to shape up or I might give up on you.


You know who.

The relationship a girl has with her hair is real and it can get messy!

PS: If you celebrated Valentine’s Day, I hope you had a lovely time. However, don’t forget to show your loved ones that you love them every single day!