1 februari 2017

Fear, Hate, and Hope

Starting off on a serious note; I don’t know about you guys, but now more than ever the state of the world has got me a tad depressed. I want to mention that I’m not big on sappiness or sharing my ‘feelings’, especially not with people I don’t know, and I am by no means a freedom fighter, however at this moment I feel like venting.

It really doesn’t matter where you stand politically… if you are a liberal,  a conservative or floating somewhere in between. I am not writing this to start a big debate (although your voice and thoughts are very welcome), I just need to remind myself that there is ‘hope’, and maybe you do too.

Fear and hate go hand in hand. They feed off each other and that is what we can see all around us. Fear is an emotion we can all understand. The list of things we can be afraid of and worry about is endless.

One of the things a lot of us fear now is the arrival of newcomers or refugees. A group of people that come with a religion and culture we don’t understand. And are there bad people in the group of millions? Yeah. Are people allowed to have concerns and feel ‘protective’ of their home? Sure.

However, there are also so many kind, caring, selfless, smart, and beautiful people amongst them. And I hope that we don’t let fear, how legitimate some fears or worries may feel or be, blind us to the fact that we are all human beings who want and hope for the same thing: happiness.

Keeping a country and its citizens safe is what world leaders are supposed to do, but I really hope they can perform their tasks without losing sight of the fact that human beings seeking refuge are not the enemy.  I hope they can ‘protect’ without promoting fear and feeding hate. And I believe we can do our part as well.

In general, I hope we cause others less pain, I hope we offend less, I hope we judge less, I hope we fear less, and I hope we hate less (because let’s admit it, we are a bunch of haters)!