(Photo by Fabian Oelkers on Unsplash) I adore cats! I get beyond excited when I see a cat, am in the position to pet a cat, and when I can cuddle with one, I’m in heaven. Due to allergies, I’m not a cat owner (yet… some breeds are hypoallergenic.). So until then, I have to make due with […]

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Vacation Tip: Madeira

Photo’s by Vonoya Lewis    What makes a vacation awesome? What makes it something rememberable? For me, a vacation wasn’t really a ‘fun’ vacation if I couldn’t break the bank and come home with fantastic goodies in other words: I love(d) going on city trips. With New York topping the ranks. This year I went on […]

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In de Wolken

Waarmee ben jij in de wolken? Je vakantie (net geweest, blik op de foto’s en je bent weer even terug), je huisdier (ahww, zo liefff), je vriend (vlinders in buik) of je huis (echt jouw plekje). Op die laatste wil ik in deze blog dieper ingaan. Decoraties voor in huis zijn er genoeg, maar soms […]

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One of my faves: PopSockets


Source image: From what I understand, sharing is caring and we do care about our readers. So, this week I will share one of my favorite accessories with you. Most of us are as good as attached to our phones and we tend to accessorize our phones. Personally, I have a cover, mostly for […]

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A healthy lifestyle, clean living, and eating, for the past years this has been a trend. More and more people join this movement. Whether it is eating pure or implementing power foods in one’s diet, or better yet both this is a trend I am here for! Because I suffer from allergies I can’t always […]

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Paper Writing Tools

For probably most students it is that time of the year: exam period! Whether you have to prep for a written (Q&A) exam, an oral exam or do research for a paper it is time to buckle down. After almost eight years of studying, and for most courses I had to write at least one […]

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Koningsdag 2017

Morgen kleurt heel Nederland oranje en zijn er zoveel activiteiten gepland dat het gewoon moeilijk kiezen is waar je nu bij wil zijn. Dus, where to go? Om dit probleem op te lossen, een blog vol met tips waar je vanavond en morgen heen kunt gaan om je te vermaken! De 10 beste festivals van […]

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Op pad met Pasen

Vrolijk Paasfeest! Dit jaar viert Nederland Pasen op 16 en 17 april én dat is dus al bijna! Hoe viert u dit feest? Gaat u op pad? Veel Nederlanders, wél ruim 400.000, gebruiken Pasen om weg te gaan en dagjes uit te plannen. Pretparken, Shows, Paasactiviteiten en het bezoeken van familie zijn populaire opties, maar er […]

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Become a Fake News Radar

Fake news, alternative facts… like it or not but life is starting to feel like a spy movie, in which it is hard to determine who and what information you can and cannot trust. The fact that media outlets and produced news are colored or in some cases is biased is hopefully not news to […]

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