Brrrrr….Denk je goed voorbereid op pad te gaan met een warme sjaal, vest en 3 lagen kleding, valt het alsnog vies tegen! Ben jij ook zo’n persoon die het altijd koud heeft? Een echte koukleum? Dan had je het vandaag zwaar, want vandaag was kil en koud. Ugh, je wou gewoon dat je de Embr […]

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One of my faves: PopSockets


Source image: From what I understand, sharing is caring and we do care about our readers. So, this week I will share one of my favorite accessories with you. Most of us are as good as attached to our phones and we tend to accessorize our phones. Personally, I have a cover, mostly for […]

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Return of the BlackBerry

BlackBerry, the phone for business folks and superstars. And for a period it also became the ‘it’- phone amongst the broader public. During my first years as a uni student, I was the proud owner of two blackberries models. The last BlackBerry I owned was the BlackBerry Storm, a full-screen model without a keyboard. However, […]

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